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Updated April 25, 2011

Burnaby Garden Tour 2011
Thank you for your past patronage and please check back next
spring for information about the 2012 Tour.

The remainder of this page relates to Garden Tour 2009
and is provided for general information purposes only.

Burnaby Garden Tour 2009
Sunday, July 19, 2009

10am to 4pm
Rain or Shine !

Presented by
Burnaby Rhododendron and Gardens Society
Sponsored by
City of Burnaby

New for 2009
This is a walking tour of 6 gardens in Greentree Village, a quiet green neighborhood
located between B.C.I.T. and Forest Lawn Cemetery
in the midst
of the bustling City of Burnaby.
Use the Willingdon South exit off Highway #1.

Please park on Garden Grove Drive and when possible take advantage
of walking
from garden to garden.

Tickets for the 2009 Burnaby Garden Tour are $10 and wil be available at the following City of Burnaby & GardenWorks locations in Burnaby from mid-June to July 19:

City of Burnaby
• Confederation Community Centre, 4585 Albert St.
• Cameron Recreation Complex, 9523 Cameron St.
• Bonsor Recreation Complex, 6550 Bonsor Ave.
• Edmonds Community Centre, 7282 Kingsway
• City Hall, 4949 Canada Way (not Sundays)
Lougheed store only, 6250 Lougheed Highway

TOUR DATE ONLY - Sunday, July 19

Tickets will also be available at one of the gardens on the TOUR DATE ONLY.
The garden is the O'Neill Garden (#1 below) in Greentree Village at
4850 Greentree Place, Burnaby.
Directions to Greentree Village are above and Greentree Place is off Garden Grove Drive

Garden Guide
Tickets include a Garden Guide with the following Garden Descriptions and a map
showing the address & location of each garden.

General Information
More Information below

2009 Garden Descriptions

Garden 1 - Coni’s well-known garden is 36 years old to brand new yesterday, she loves change and new plant combinations. The old favorite hosta and the new favorite arisaema weave among the tightly packed garden beds front and back.  Slowly walk through on the stone covered paths so you don’t miss the many unique treasures to be found in this garden.
Garden 4 - These gardens were created from the wilderness by ten passionate women using recycled rock, sharing tasks, plant material and good times. The back gardens are mostly shaded, with quiet places to sit, continue around to the front courtyards and the common planters filled with colorful flowers. Do not miss the secret garden down by the road that succeeds under the toughest conditions.

Garden 2 - Ingrid’s lovable lab, Caesar, is her constant garden companion. The well trained dog co-exist with her beautiful back garden filled with day lilies, dahlias, vine covered arbor, herbs, vegetables and a shade garden. In the front garden are flower beds filled with many more perennials and do not miss the plant filled sun room inside the court yard.

Garden 5 - This a garden of a non-gardener, a hater of dirt, slugs, snails and worms but loves a beautiful place to entertain and a green rest full place to relax. Enter two best friends who love to garden and saw unlimited potential to test their gardening talents. The result is a soothing palette of a green, shade gardens filled with plants both front and back.

Garden 3 - This garden was nothing but scruffy grass before it was cleaned bare and soil amended with sea soil. The front is filled with sun loving perennials and a gorgeous red leave maple with a hidden secret vegetable garden. The back, ringed with flower beds, is a private area with a vine covered arbor and sitting areas for entertaining or private meditation.

Garden 6 - This garden is packed with a large collection of plants, shrubs and trees. When the owners ran out of space at ground level, they started planting upwards; densely-planted fences, obelisks and archways also help to define the different garden spaces, add height and structure, and contribute to the tranquil, secluded feel of the garden.

  • Ticket must be shown at each location
  • "Garden Tour" signs will identify each location
  • Carry a City map for reference
  • Respect posted parking restrictions
  • Please do not bring pets
  • Garden owner's homes are out of bounds - no washroom facilities are provided
  • Master Gardeners are in attendance at the gardens along with garden owners and BRAGS volunteers to answer questions.
  • ENJOY your Tour !